The Sloped Surface

Promote good posture, reduce back ache and improve your child's writing position. Order your Sloped Surface for £32 + Carriage.

The Sloped Surface promotes good posture by angling your working surface towards you so that you don't roll your shoulders forward which could cause neck and back ache.

The Sloped Surface can help improve your child's writing position. Many students find it more comfortable to write on an inclined surface than a flat one.

The Sloped Surface can reduce back ache when used as a laptop stand. The laptop screen is raised up and the keyboard is angled towards you which can reduce the pressure on your neck, back and wrists.

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Happy Customers

Louise 3 months ago

I use this angled desk regularly at home to position my laptop while I am working. I find it strong, sturdy and stable yet lightweight and easy to move. I would highly recommend it.

Marie 3 months ago

I have worked with children as an Occupational Therapist for the last 20years and I recommend this writing slope regularly for the children I work with. They are light weight, easy to use and clip to the front of the table to prevent movement. They encourage good postural positioning to promote hand function during table top activities such as handwriting. I have found they work well with children who have co-ordination difficulties, learning difficulties, fine motor difficulties and motor difficulties such as cerebral palsy.

Pleased Parent Ed Ley Pleased Parent 1 year ago

Austin loves The Sloped Surface. Now he has started writing, it has really come into its own and he always insists on using it when sitting down with his colouring pens.

Bina Shah Bina 1 year ago

I love The Sloped Surface. I use it with my laptop as the angle is just right for me to either stand or perch on a stool at my computer and type away. It makes using the laptop effortless compared to having it on a flat surface.

Jonathan Pearce Jonathan 1 year ago

So much more logical to use the laptop on The Sloped Surface! The angle lends itself to a much more comfortable keyboard position and it naturally encourages a better posture which results in much less neck and shoulder pain. I am delighted with my purchase and would no longer wish to work without it.

Anne Welsh Anne 1 year ago

I have been using The Sloped Surface ever since I started using a standing desk for back problems about 18 months ago. Now if I have to use a flat surface for my keyboard I find it most uncomfortable!

I have placed a cheap non slip mat (£1.50) on mine as I am a bit heavy handed with my keyboard. It stops the keyboard slipping and stops noisy clatter.

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