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Use a PAW Board at school

Good posture

Most students find it more comfortable to write and draw on an inclined surface than on a flat one.

Our writing slopes are portable, light weight, easy to keep clean and will fit onto any flat surface. They will fit onto square, rectangular, hexagonal or even round tables. Four small rubber feet stop the PAW Board moving sideways and a plastic lip stops it moving away from the user.

The PAW Board comes in red, yellow and clear frosted and has a built-in pencil storage place at the top - the PAW Board really is a classroom friendly sloped writing board.

Tips for choosing your colour

For those with visual difficulties, a specialist or the student's therapist may suggest that one specific colour is more suitable for their disability.

We stock PAW Boards in both red and yellow. Clear frosted PAW Boards may be a great option when no colour is suitable.