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Improve your posture

Good posture

Ergonomics is important for people of all ages - you are never too young to recognise the benefits of using a sloped writing board. Our ergonomic sloped writing board promotes good posture and hand positions.

When writing or using a laptop computer on a flat surface, people tend to roll forward at the shoulders, curving the upper spine and causing bad posture. Whenever possible you should always write on an inclined surface to ensure less strain on your neck and upper back.

Whilst writing on flat surfaces, children can have difficulty seeing past their own hand. This can cause them to adopt awkward sitting positions in an attempt to make these fine motor skill tasks more comfortable. The PAW board is a sloped writing board that has been designed to reduce the stresses and strains caused by working on flat tables and to promote good posture.

Choose your colour

PAW Boards are available in red, yellow and clear frosted. Colour should be advised on all orders.

They are made from non-reflective acrylic to avoid glare and they do not show finger marks.

If no colour choice is notified, The Sunshine Company reserves the right to send whichever colour is more abundantly available.

Red, blue, green & yellow sloped writing boards - also available in clear frosted

Tips for choosing

For those with visual difficulties, a specialist or the student's therapist may suggest that one specific colour is more suitable for their disability.

We stock PAW Boards in both red and yellow. Clear frosted PAW Boards may be a great option when no colour is suitable.